The attorneys at Shield & Levine, P.A. have extensive experience working with trial counsel to provide litigation support for all phases of trial court proceedings.  Whether a law firm comes to us at the start of a case or seeks assistance at a crucial juncture such as a summary judgment or at trial, we strive to provide a fresh prospective on a case, insight into the opposing counsel’s strategy, and develop a strong record for the client in the event either side appeals.

Our litigation support includes editing as well as drafting pleadings and motions, memorandums of law, and trial briefs.  We provide thorough legal research for complex issues, and have assisted counsel with legal research prior to and during trials.  We have also worked with trial counsel to prepare them for mediation and arbitration.  Our firm is dedicated to achieving positive results through creative problem solving and producing work of uncompromising quality.  All client relationships are protected when working with your firm’s client or directly for your law firm.